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Team 4, Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March, 10 2010

When I came to school Rocky seemed like he wanted two things, a ton of air and also food. Because every single second Rocky was breathing like crazy !!!
But in between his breaths he managed to eat 26 Reptomin. WOW that's a lot!!! And it's only the morning! I think he'll eat more later because he always does.
I noticed that Rocky always eats the most in the morning and the least in the afternoon.

I fed Rocky 1 Reptomin in the late morning. I put the repto min on the tweezers, put the tweezers in the water, and then I felt a vibration and the repto min was gone. I put one more Reptomin in. I watched as Rocky turned around and SNAP! Rocky ate it in one bite.

After lunch we fed Rocky 7 Reptomin he ate it so fast, Rocky also bit the PLANT AND IT BROKE, it is weird how he eat's nonstop. After that we fed him a cube of Brine shrimp. Rocky just kept eating. Then we fed him 9 Reptomin, ROCKY ATE IT AGAIN. After that we fed him a cube of Tubifex worms. He ate the whole thing and not a crumb was in the tank. This is weird, Rocky barely ever ate when he was a baby but now Rocky eats like a pro.

In the late afternoon Rocky ate 12 Reptomin and a half of a brine shrimp . He kept eating every single one. "Snap snap snap".
Then while I was feeding him his 5th Reptomin he saw some leftover brine shrimp. "Snap" he ate it in a flash.
I've noticed that he has been eating a lot more Reptomin than when he was little, I've also noticed that he has been eating his crumbs .
p.s. I only got to feed him 12 reptomin because I was really tired.