Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 1 Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12,

Today I fed rocky 12 Reptomin, 3 blood worms he ate so MUCH TODAY. He's like bomb about to explode food!!!. After that rocky hid in under the plant I thought I scared him to death... I watched and watched and watched and finally stuck his head up like a torpedo floating in the water. :^]

Third Shift
I fed rocky 16 reptomin at a time. He devoured all of them. He swam aroune a little bit. Then I fed Rocky 1 bloodworm cube. He gobbled it up, then went for the rest of them. The cube floated away and he got them. Next, I feed rocky a Reptomin. He did not eat it! Then as fast as a speeding cheetah, Rocky's neck shot out to snap the Reptomin. He got the Reptomin and then went to the corner.