Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 2 Monday, March 1, 2010

Early Morning
Rocky didn't eat anything today. He wouldn't even eat the bloodworms. I wonder why. He used to HATE Reptomin, but now that's almost all he eats, and he wouldn't even eat that.

Late Morning
Rocky is eating a lot of food, he is eating the dust of the Reptomin. He ate one and spat it out. Rocky smiled today! I think that he was happy that he got his favorite foods. I think Rocky's new favorite food is Reptomin. I like watching Rocky eat.

Rocky was biting the glass for Reptomin, since EM was wiggling the food in front of him. For at least 2 minutes he fell for it, but then he knew that he was not going to get it. If there was any Reptomin hiding in the plants, he would find it and eat it. When I dropped in blood worms he gobbled them faster then I could blink!!! The Bloodworms floated down to the tank floor, and Rocky swam down and ate all the leftovers. I think that it feels like a waterfall bouncing of his head.

Late Afternoon

Rocky has an unusual eating habit. He eats some Reptomin then he swims down to the bottom and slurps up the crumbs then swims up for more. Rocky does not eat Tubifex worms at all.