Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 1 Friday, March 5, 2010

First Shift

In the morning I fed Rocky 7 Reptomin. He always eats that, but today he ate 1 cube of veggie cubes and that was the first time he ate that for me! I have noticed that Rocky is eating more than he usually does. Today he did not eat bloodworms. What happened? I thought that Rocky liked bloodworms? I think he is moving on.

Second Shift
Today Rocky was picky. Mosquito larvae, well, let's leave that up to him, right?

It seemed as if Rocky was going to eat a horse, if it was a Reptomin Horse. I gave him Reptomin, with a beat. The beat was perfect for Rocky's eating. "One Reptomin, Two Reptomin, Three Reptomin, Four, Five Reptomin, Six Reptomin, Seven Reptomin, more", I said. I went all the way to "...22 Reptomin, score!" then he stopped. "I wonder why he won't eat his 23rd, ZSA?" I said. "Me too. Maybe we should give him-" I cut off SA. "Frozen Food!" I went to Ms. N's fridge and opened it. "Aww, there's noooo bloodworms!" We said at the same time, like twins. "Well, there is Veggie cubes," ZSA said. "I think that is mosquito larvae, but if it's not, he really won't mind." After we cut it out, we washed our hands, said "Ewwwwwww!!! The juice is on me!" a couple of times. After that we fed Rocky. When I put it in the tank, I saw something that was so small that I can't make the thing out. "Uh," I said. I decided to be quiet, and maybe ZSA will notice. OK, maybe he was more interested in biting the vine than the food, but then he gave up soon enough. He started biting the mosquito larvae because he knew he could eat it. He finished eating the mosquito larvae. He went up to breathe and came down like most turtles do after breathing. He looked at ZSA, then at me. I think. It's really hard to tell. Well, my shift is over! Tune into next week if he does anything...P.S. The song's name is The Reptomin Song!!

Third Shift
I fed Rocky 10 Reptomin they floated towards the left side of the tank. Rocky snapped at one of them it moved he tried again he got it!!! Then another and another and another. He walked around the tank as usually, then sat next to the corner and stuck his head out of the water. Next he put his head back under the water. Finally he rested!

Fourth Shift
Today I fed Rocky 1 mosquito larvae. He gobbled it all up in one SNAP I was amazed!!! After that he ate 25 Reptomin. How does he do it? Rocky is like a monster invading blood worms. A couple minutes later Rocky looked at a guppy. He looked and looked and finally!!! He ate it in one chomp. I thought guppies were too fast but Rocky did it! He ate a GUPPY! Rocky was really struggling to eat it. A few minutes later I thought he was asleep... and then SNAP! I was sooooo scared! I think Rocky just was trying to get his food from running away.