Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 4 Monday, April 12, 2010

In the afternoon I showed Rocky a Reptomin. He ignored the Reptomin so I moved it closer. Rocky didn't bite, so I slowly pulled the Reptomin away, when. . .SNAP. Rocky bit the Reptomin!!
I gave him another and another. He ate one every single second.
After Rocky ate 13 Reptomin, I gave him a blood worm cube.
Here's what he did, first he stood his head up and stared at the bloodworm.
Then he stood still, waiting for it to get closer. Next Rocky took a deep, sharp SNAP, CHOMP, GOLP and in seconds those bloodworms were just a memory. So I fed Rocky 5 more bloodworm cubes.

Team 3 Friday, April 9, 2010

Rocky ate 208 Reptomin and a small worm. When we dropped it in it fell in his mouth just like a vacuum. He sucked the Reptomin off the wall sucksucksucksuck, it was alot of sucking all right. Rocky did one of our best records. I fed Rocky 22 cubes, our best record for cubes. Rocky attacked the Reptomin like a crazed Cookie Monster, he was just waiting for us to drop Reptomin in the tank. He ripped, tore, snapped a bit, and destroyed. Rocky got three cubes stuck on his hand when I was feeding him but not all at the same time. Rocky barely moves now.

Team 2 Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open. Chomp. Open. Chomp, and eat, eat, eat. All Rocky is doing for me is eating Reptomin. I sped over to the freezer and grabbed the bloodworms, opened it, ran back, and plopped in the bloodworms. In at least 2 seconds he grabbed it and gobbled it up. I gulped, and thought; Wow, he ate that fast.

Team 1 Friday, April 2, 2010

In the morning I fed Rocky 34 Reptomin. He also ate 2 cubes of bloodworms. I ran to the freezer to cut some more bloodworms. He ate that too! I have noticed that Rocky has been eating more bloodworms than last week. He also ate two cubes of veggie cubes . Does Rocky feel full at all?

SNAP there goes a Reptomin. So far Rocky has eaten 50 Reptomin. When I gave him a piece of Reptomin he stuck his head up he was like a suction cup eating Reptomin. I never knew Rocky sticks his head up. I fed Rocky 1 veggie cube. He's been eating a lot of them over the weekend. A little later Rocky had been put in a mini tank because we fed him a guppy. At first Rocky was sooo scared of the guppy. 'Scaredy cat' I thought. But then the guppy was scared of him. SNAP!!! He was like a crane digging up guppies He was close but he missed. Hopefully he ate it a little later. He ate the guppy. After that we put him in his normal tank. He kept sticking his head up it was sooo weird? He never does that? When Rocky did it his head was like a rocket about to explode. A little later I looked away for a second and turned back, he wasn't were he was before. It feels like Rocky is as fast as lightning. First he's here and then he's in a different place in the tank.

Team 5 Thursday, April 1, 2010

During the morning Rocky ate 200 Reptomin! Thats a lot for him! Rocky ate 6 grubs and 3 worms!

During the afternoon Rocky ate 200 Reptomin and two grubs! I dropped a grub from the tweasers. It landed in his mouth while he was breathing. It was like trying to throw popcorn up and catching it in your mouth. First he spit it out and then he ate it. Thats the most he's ever eaten.

During late afternoon Rocky ate 110 Reptomin!

Team 4 Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Well, I fed Rocky in the late morning again and he didn't eat anything.

Outside ZS yelled LOOK A HUGE WORM!!! Then I raced over to her then the bell rang. When I walked up the stairs then everybody said EWW!
After lunch, when I came into my classroom I dropped the worm. IN ONE SNAP THE WORM WAS GONE.

At the end of the day. Wait for it, wait for it, and SNAP!
Did Rocky just bite the worm's head? Or the worm's tail?
I don't think Rocky knows. But I don't think he even cares.
He's trying to bite the worm. The worm's skin is much too stiff for little Rocky.
I didn't think Rocky could eat the worm whole. But he did ...
He stretched out his neck all the way and GOLP, GOLP, GOLP, jerked the worm down his long esophagus and landed in his belly PLOP. He ate the whole worm!!! That was his second worm today!!!

Team 3 Tuesday, March 30, 2010

This morning, Rocky ate 5 Repotomin and a Tuboflex worm cube. This afternoon I gave rocky a huge handfull of Reptomin, thinking he couldn't eat much of it. Rocky didn't like them so I went to type my blog. When i finished my first sentence, I went to check on Rocky.
I expected to see all the Reptomin still there, but there were just four left!!! :) Then OL gave Rocky two handfulls of Reptomin.
Rocky didn't eat them, so it was a waste. :( Rocky loves reptomin VERY much. I can't belive Rocky ate so much Reptomin in five seconds.

Today Rocky ate 200 Reptomin for me and one cube. He always ate 10 but one by one. Rocky also ate 500 blood worms off a cube. Rocky once curled his head and got the Reptomin.

I wasn't here today but JJ and OL told me that Rocky ate 200 Reptomin. He made a new record.

This time Rocky ate 269 and 500 blood worms out of a cube, and two wiggly worms in about a second or less. He'd snap like a baby croc. It was amazing like a dinosaur on earth right now! Sometimes we would throw in a bunch of Retomin and wait for Rocky to eat them. Rocky would gobble up the Reptomin like Cookie Monster, and sometimes Rocky would eat 6 Reptomin at a time and swallow them whole, it was really cool. When we fed Rocky the water it looked like goo and slime. Today Rocky tried to climb the filter but he fell down. What if he made it to the top, that would be awesome. Rocky looks like a skateboard because he has all these designs on him and a skateboard does too, and his four legs are like the wheels. Sometimes Rocky would put his head under the heater to get warm.

Team 2 Monday, March 29, 2010

In the early morning Rocky ATE SOMETHING!!! He ate 2 earthworms, and 1 vegetable cube!!! I can't believe he actually ate during my shift!!! And SO much!!! I saw that it looks like Rocky has a tiny pig nose. I looked inside Rocky's tiny mouth, and it looked like a tiny pink pillow! I wonder if it actually felt like a pink pillow.

Rocky is spiky, it looks like mountains on his shell. He is HUGE. I can hardly believe that he was not even as big as my palm.
As far as food, everything is the same. Nothings exciting anymore.
EM and I found a worm. We gave it to Rocky and he ate it in less than 1 second!
Rocky is growing fast.

Rocky ate 3 bloodworms and 1 veggie cube. He ate them in a split second once he got a hold of it. Rocky has a hook on his mouth. When he tries to get his food it gets hooked then he eats it. Rocky is very big. He is 10 centimeters. He is eating a lot of different foods.

Team 1 Friday, March 26, 2010

Second Shift

Today we had pajama day, but we talked not so much. But we say, one or two sentences about it though. So really, this is what happened: "OK Rocky, just let me get over all these reading, lying down people," I mouthed. "Thanks for waiting Rocky!!!" I mouthed again. It was quiet, and if I talked, I would get... "Shhhh, TL! We are trying to read!" Or something or whatever they think might make me shut down my mouth, like a computer. Anyhow, I did my Reptomin part, which, as always, comes first. "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,22,23,24,25,26,27,28,29,30,
3-"I said. TJ interrupted me. "TTTLLLLL," She sang. "Time to goooo." "Wait!" I shouted. "-1,32,33,34,35,36,37,38,39,4-" "Really! We will be late!" SA said. "Two more!" I pleaded. "40,41!" I shouted. "Let's go!" Bye! (We went to Library, really, Bye!)

Fourth Shift

1 worm, 2 worm, 3 worm, 4 worm, 5 worm, 6 worm, 7 worm, 8 worm, 9 worm, 10 worm, 11 worm, 12 worm, and finally 13 wiggly worms. I just kept feeding him worms. He was like a worm monster machine. When ever I fed rocky Reptomin he would stick his head up sooooooo far it looked like a rocket blasting off!!!. Once I dropped a cube of blood worms, it just fell in his mouth SNAP SNAP SNAP it was like a bomb falling in a mouth. I never knew that there was a little worm under him. It was very weird at first, but Rocky ate it. A little later, there was a dead worm, right next to him. He never noticed it. He never ate it, never touched it. He just looked at it!. I kept picking it up and putting it in. Right when I dropped a worm in, suddenly the water got sooo dirty. A little later Rocky finally ate a mosquito larva ( it was hard to spell ). I thought he never ate mosquito larva! Rocky ate 50 REPTOMIN TODAY. When Rocky was eating Reptomin he was like a torpedo speeding through the water. It was sooo amazing for me. He always eats only 12 Reptomin. It was the first time ever Rocky has eaten 50 Reptomin for my shift. I just kept feeding him Reptomin, picking one up and putting it in. The water got soooo dirty when I dropped the Reptomin in. It was soooo dirty I couldn't see Rocky. He was just a blur to me! He was so small he looked like a baby in January!

Team 5 Thursday, March 25, 2010

During the morning Rocky ate 61 Reptomin!

During late morning Rocky was so hungry he ate a huge worm and 110 Reptomin! We took a video of him eating the worm!

During late afternoon Rocky ate 7 worms and 50 Reptomin!

Team 4 Wednesday, March 24, 2010

In the morning we fed Rocky 10 Reptomin, he gobbled it 1 by 1. Then we fed Rocky 12 more, he ate 2 or 3 at a time WOW!!! Rocky hasn't eaten this much in months.

In the late morning Rocky ate 5 Reptomin, I dont know why. YA FIVE! Well one good part about this entry is that he gobbled them in a flash. I really mean a FLASH. So he ate 5 Reptomin in all.

In the late afternoon Rocky ate 31 Reptomin!!
That's a lot!!! Rocky has never eaten that much, NEVER !!!

I think the only reason Rocky ate so much now was because he didn't eat that much earlier.
He ate 22 Reptomin in the morning, 5 in the late morning, 1 in the afternoon and 31 in the late afternoon.
We fed Rocky 1 Reptomin in the late morning. SPLASH!!! Gulp!!!

Team 3 Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Today Rocky ate 12 cubes. But no Reptomin. We thought he would eat Reptomin today. I guess he didn't feel like eating it today. He did eat vegetables for his second time.

Today Rocky ate about 10 cubes but he only ate 2 Reptomin. It's strange because Rocky usally doesn't eat frozen food, especally veggies. But he gobbled up all of them. He ate 2 tuboflex worms. he is now actually eating more, he might make a new record. I hope he does.

After lunch, I gave rocky 20 reptomin and rocky did'nt eat them.:( Instead, he pooped twice and did nothing but breath.:( When the rest of the turtle team came, rocky ate 6 veggie cubes. Next, I gave him 2 Tuboflex worms and he ignored them.:( It seemed strange why rocky only liked frozen turtle food today. He usually likes reptomin better. It is his favorite.:0
He was hyper today.

Well, Rocky ate 12 cubes toaday!!! I fed him 6 out of the 12 cubes.One time Rocky ate a cube whole! He also ate a cube like a monster because he ripped, tore it and bit it hard. He ate no reptomin toaday. He just wouldn't eat any. It was a little weird because he just loves reptomin. He also ate two veggie cubes. It was cool because he doesn't eat them allot. It was a rainy day. It must have change Rocky I guess. Or maby not. Rocky got stuck in the plant because he couldn't move away from it. Rocky stayed in the same spot for almost the whole day. He didn't get any bigger than last time. Soon Rocky will get a bigger tank because he's a bigger turtle now.

Team 2 Monday, March 22, 2010

In the late afternoon EM and I have to share a shift because Rocky did nothing on her shift.
SA dropped in a cube of blood worms in Rocky's tank with the plastic still on!!! Rocky still snapped at it.
Rocky ate five cubes of blood worms, two cubes of vegetables, and seventy three Reptomin. He gobbled up every last bit!

Rocky still has the same eating habit.
Rocky has not done anything different but you can check out the other team 2 student blog.

Today was a half day so I didn't really get to do my part to feed Rocky so, I shared SA's part. Anyhow, more about that later. We got bloodworms for Rocky. Then S.A. fed Rocky bloodworms and before you know it... plop goes the whole wrapper into the filthy Rocky water. "Ewwwwww!!!!!" the team said. Just then S.A. reached her hand into the water an pulled out the bloodworms. Then S.A. plopped in the real bloodworms not the wrapper, and Rocky gobbled them up. Let's count, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Gosh, they are all gone. "Let's fed him some Reptomin". So BM dropped in about maybe 3 or 4 pieces of Reptomin. Then Rocky gobbled them up in let's count again, 1,2,3,4,5,6. All the Reptomin is gone. Done. No more. All of us gasped. "He ate that pretty fast." I said.

Team 1 Friday, March 19, 2010

Second shift

This morning, or should I say early morning, Rocky didn't eat anything. Nothing. Zilch. A big, fat zero. Here's how it all started. "Rocky! Eat something!" I said. "You can't blame him," ZSA said. "You are forcing him like a mom forcing her kid to eat Brussels sprouts." I shuddered at the thought of Brussels sprouts, but turned cold as ice. "This ain't Brussels sprouts," I whispered coldly. "It's Reptomin, his favorite food." LURCH! SNAP! SNAP! "Finally!" I was relived. I thought, And I thought that Rocky was going to starve! I would be right and wrong, but anyways, I should think not of Rocky starving! He's already growing, and we are overfeeding him. He is still as cute where we found him though, My thoughts trailed off. While I was thinking, I fed Rocky Reptomin. What snapped me out of my thoughts is that I heard something scrapings on the glass! It was very faint. Like a cat purring 5-ft away. "Oh Rocky! Stop doing that to the glass!" And he obeyed. Oh! We have to go to morning meeting! Bye!

Third shift

I fed rocky 18 reptomin to at a time snap snap snap. Rocky got them all !!! next i gave rocky a blood worm cube. Rocky snapped he got some. He snapped again he got some more.Then in one more snap he got the rest!!! Then sat down stuck his head up then back down.

Fourth shift

Today I fed rocky 10 Reptomin 2 bloodworms now he's like a monsterous machine just eating like 12 pieces a second CHOMP, chomp, chomp. A few minutes later I think Rocky ate 4 bloodworms. If he didn't, he ate one veggie cube. I was amazed because he never eats them. A long time after that, Rocky finally he ate a WORM!!!. Rocky always SNAPS at my finger.

Team 5 Thursday, March 18, 2010

During the morning Rocky ate 55 Reptomin! Wow he must be hungry

During late morning Rocky ate 61 Reptomin and 1 cube of mosquito larva!

During late afternoon Rocky ate 110 Reptomin! He has never eaten that much in the late afternoon!!!

Team 4 Wednesday, March 17, 2010

In the morning I fed Rocky 9 Reptomin I wonder why? Well I actually kind of do know why, because he kept breathing nonstop and I didn't have anough time to feed him. I was going to give him a good meal because it was St. Patrick's Day but he kept breathing.

In the afternoon my turtle team fed Rocky 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 reptomin. On his eleventh Reptomin I put the Reptomin behind the heater by accident. He crawled under the heater, lifted one end of the heater off the ground, and SNAP he ate it. Then he backed out of the corner. Then I fed him 12,13,14,15,16,17,18 Reptomin. Then he hid under the plant so noone could see him.

In the late afternoon we fed Rocky 2 Reptomin, he just ate it in a blink of a eye. Then I decided to feed him 1 more pellet. Once I dropped it in Rocky GRABBED THE PELLET AND STARTED YANKING AT IT. Since Rocky had been eating so much I wanted to feed him a cube of mosquito larvae. He stared at the cube then he ate the whole thing in 1 bite. After that we fed him a pellet of Growth formula SNAP! Rocky ate the whole entire thing. Then we fed Rocky a cube of Tubifix worms. Just in a second everything was gone. Some day we have to measure Rocky.

Team 3 Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rocky ate around 20 Reptomins for me in the morning. Then he ate 6 Reptomin for my classmate and 20 more for another classmate. He always sits in a corner when we get to school. Rocky ate 200 Reptomin today. That's really all he did for me.

Today Rocky ate around 101 Reptomin. He ate eating much more : ) Rocky must have a new diet. It's kind of strange because we didn't have vacation. But it is probibly only going to last one week so next week he will just eat about 3 Reptomin.

In the morning, we fed Rocky 10 Reptomin and I fed him a tuboflex worm cube. Then I fed Rocky 2 more Reptomin. He looked at each one and then ate one whole and devouerd the other. When we were going to music, PW dropped 4 handfulls of Reptomin in to the tank and Rocky used them as a pillow. :( When we came back from music, none were left. :) Then Rocky fell asleep somehow and we woke him up with Reptomin. Rocky looked at us as if he were saying "You meanies disturbed me from my sleep! Let me rest!" Then Rocky ate 20 more Reptomin and he was HAPPY!! Rocky does poop a lot also now. Rocky is a growing turtle and we have had him since september.

Rocky is allot bigger now than usual. Rocky ate 101 retomin on a half day, no lie!! He ate the reptomin like a dinosaur. He loves retomin allot he just loves it. He stood in one spot to eat almost every thing. That was really amazing to me but maybe not to you. So I fed rocky around 35 more or so. This time we didn't feed Rocky any cubes.Wait, I remember. Rocky ate one cube. Rocky also bit the plant pretty hard because it shook allot and it has a dent in it. Well it is almost the end of my blog but rocky didn't sit on the heater like usual when we are turtle team.So if you think Rocky looks like dinosaur well your kind of right because he is pretty big now. He's almost as big as a plant!

Team 2 Monday, March 15, 2010

Rocky still has the same eating habit. He has not done anything different but you can check out the other student blogs. Rocky is eating a lot of food, he is eating the dust of the Reptomin. He ate one and spat it out. Rocky smiled today! I think that he was happy that he got his favorite foods. I think Rocky's new favorite food is Reptomin.

I like watching Rocky eat. Today at my shift Rocky didn't eat anything while we were looking. Then when we walked away Rocky ate a couple of bites of Reptomin and let it float away. We plopped in a cube of vegetables.

Team 1 Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12,

Today I fed rocky 12 Reptomin, 3 blood worms he ate so MUCH TODAY. He's like bomb about to explode food!!!. After that rocky hid in under the plant I thought I scared him to death... I watched and watched and watched and finally stuck his head up like a torpedo floating in the water. :^]

Third Shift
I fed rocky 16 reptomin at a time. He devoured all of them. He swam aroune a little bit. Then I fed Rocky 1 bloodworm cube. He gobbled it up, then went for the rest of them. The cube floated away and he got them. Next, I feed rocky a Reptomin. He did not eat it! Then as fast as a speeding cheetah, Rocky's neck shot out to snap the Reptomin. He got the Reptomin and then went to the corner.

Team 5 Thursday, March 11, 2010

3/11/10 Team 5

During the morning Rocky ate 25 Reptomin. He loves Reptomin. I put a Reptomin outside the tank and he tried to bite it! Reptomin is his favorite food!

During late morning Rocky only ate 3 Reptomin! He must be full!

Team 4, Wednesday, March 10, 2010

March, 10 2010

When I came to school Rocky seemed like he wanted two things, a ton of air and also food. Because every single second Rocky was breathing like crazy !!!
But in between his breaths he managed to eat 26 Reptomin. WOW that's a lot!!! And it's only the morning! I think he'll eat more later because he always does.
I noticed that Rocky always eats the most in the morning and the least in the afternoon.

I fed Rocky 1 Reptomin in the late morning. I put the repto min on the tweezers, put the tweezers in the water, and then I felt a vibration and the repto min was gone. I put one more Reptomin in. I watched as Rocky turned around and SNAP! Rocky ate it in one bite.

After lunch we fed Rocky 7 Reptomin he ate it so fast, Rocky also bit the PLANT AND IT BROKE, it is weird how he eat's nonstop. After that we fed him a cube of Brine shrimp. Rocky just kept eating. Then we fed him 9 Reptomin, ROCKY ATE IT AGAIN. After that we fed him a cube of Tubifex worms. He ate the whole thing and not a crumb was in the tank. This is weird, Rocky barely ever ate when he was a baby but now Rocky eats like a pro.

In the late afternoon Rocky ate 12 Reptomin and a half of a brine shrimp . He kept eating every single one. "Snap snap snap".
Then while I was feeding him his 5th Reptomin he saw some leftover brine shrimp. "Snap" he ate it in a flash.
I've noticed that he has been eating a lot more Reptomin than when he was little, I've also noticed that he has been eating his crumbs .
p.s. I only got to feed him 12 reptomin because I was really tired.


Team 3 Tuesday, March 9, 2010


In the morning, we fed Rocky 15 Reptomin. Then we fed Rocky 15 more. I thought we could give him a brine shrimp cube. Rocky chomped at it like an evil demon!!! Then I fed him 3 Reptomin and he devoured them whole!!! Today Rocky ate 20 Reptomin for me in the morning. One time Rocky moved his head up and back then he curled his neck back to get a Reptomin. Reptomin has to be Rocky's favorite food. Well the afternoon just started and Rocky ate 2 Reptomin for me and 1 cube. But Rocky ate 35 Reptomin throughout the whole day. So that's how part of my shift went. The other part of the day Rocky didn't eat anything but he did swim. Next, we played a trick on him that we've played before. We put the Reptomin container against the glass and Rocky snapped at it.After that, we gave him 18 Reptomin and he chomped at them like a monster!!!! Then in 20 minutes we fed him 24

Team 2 Monday, March 8, 2010


Rocky has five fingers and looks like he has four toes (with finger nails)! If you want to see Rocky's fingers and toes look in photos and videos of Rocky to see for yourself! Rocky seems very lazy sometimes and hyper other times.

Rocky still eats the Reptomin in the same way as last week eat then scoop the crumbs. If you feed Rocky from the tweezers he snaps the tweezers you can even pull him up with the tweezers

Rocky ate 6 Reptomin. I am surprised that he ate that much after he ate a big guppy over the weekend.

Rocky ate the tweezers because he was trying to get the Reptomin and he swatted the tweezers like the way he does with food. I was scared that I was hurting him.

Team 1 Friday, March 5, 2010

First Shift

In the morning I fed Rocky 7 Reptomin. He always eats that, but today he ate 1 cube of veggie cubes and that was the first time he ate that for me! I have noticed that Rocky is eating more than he usually does. Today he did not eat bloodworms. What happened? I thought that Rocky liked bloodworms? I think he is moving on.

Second Shift
Today Rocky was picky. Mosquito larvae, well, let's leave that up to him, right?

It seemed as if Rocky was going to eat a horse, if it was a Reptomin Horse. I gave him Reptomin, with a beat. The beat was perfect for Rocky's eating. "One Reptomin, Two Reptomin, Three Reptomin, Four, Five Reptomin, Six Reptomin, Seven Reptomin, more", I said. I went all the way to "...22 Reptomin, score!" then he stopped. "I wonder why he won't eat his 23rd, ZSA?" I said. "Me too. Maybe we should give him-" I cut off SA. "Frozen Food!" I went to Ms. N's fridge and opened it. "Aww, there's noooo bloodworms!" We said at the same time, like twins. "Well, there is Veggie cubes," ZSA said. "I think that is mosquito larvae, but if it's not, he really won't mind." After we cut it out, we washed our hands, said "Ewwwwwww!!! The juice is on me!" a couple of times. After that we fed Rocky. When I put it in the tank, I saw something that was so small that I can't make the thing out. "Uh," I said. I decided to be quiet, and maybe ZSA will notice. OK, maybe he was more interested in biting the vine than the food, but then he gave up soon enough. He started biting the mosquito larvae because he knew he could eat it. He finished eating the mosquito larvae. He went up to breathe and came down like most turtles do after breathing. He looked at ZSA, then at me. I think. It's really hard to tell. Well, my shift is over! Tune into next week if he does anything...P.S. The song's name is The Reptomin Song!!

Third Shift
I fed Rocky 10 Reptomin they floated towards the left side of the tank. Rocky snapped at one of them it moved he tried again he got it!!! Then another and another and another. He walked around the tank as usually, then sat next to the corner and stuck his head out of the water. Next he put his head back under the water. Finally he rested!

Fourth Shift
Today I fed Rocky 1 mosquito larvae. He gobbled it all up in one SNAP I was amazed!!! After that he ate 25 Reptomin. How does he do it? Rocky is like a monster invading blood worms. A couple minutes later Rocky looked at a guppy. He looked and looked and finally!!! He ate it in one chomp. I thought guppies were too fast but Rocky did it! He ate a GUPPY! Rocky was really struggling to eat it. A few minutes later I thought he was asleep... and then SNAP! I was sooooo scared! I think Rocky just was trying to get his food from running away.

Team 5 Thursday, March 4, 2010

3\4\10 Team 5

During the morning Rocky didn't eat anything! He usually eats much more!

During the afternoon Rocky sat on the heater the whole shift and didn't eat! He must like the heat!

Team 4, Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Mar, 3 2010

In the morning Rocky ate 35 Reptomin. Rocky just kept eating nonstop. Even when he made some crumbs, he just devoured them in a flash . I was very surprised because he never eats this much when we are turtle team, I wonder why?

In the late morning we fed Rocky 20 Reptomin. He devoured them all. After that we fed him 10 more. He ate them in a FLASH!!! It is amazing how Rocky eats. After lunch Rocky ate 26 Reptomin in a flash on top of the 55 Reptomin he ate in the morning. THAT'S 81 IN ALL !!! Will he eat more later? Is he still hungry?

We did not have any time to feed rocky in the late afternoon.

Team 3 Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Ok, so this time Rocky only ate 2 Reptomin throughout the whole day . So I don't really have to talk about Rocky eating like 90 Reptomin :]. He didn't eat any cubes, but that's because we didn't try to feed him any.

Rocky is not hungry today; he only ate 2 reptomin. He didn't chomp at them very fast like he usally does. Then he fell asleep somehow.

Team 2 Monday, March 1, 2010

Early Morning
Rocky didn't eat anything today. He wouldn't even eat the bloodworms. I wonder why. He used to HATE Reptomin, but now that's almost all he eats, and he wouldn't even eat that.

Late Morning
Rocky is eating a lot of food, he is eating the dust of the Reptomin. He ate one and spat it out. Rocky smiled today! I think that he was happy that he got his favorite foods. I think Rocky's new favorite food is Reptomin. I like watching Rocky eat.

Rocky was biting the glass for Reptomin, since EM was wiggling the food in front of him. For at least 2 minutes he fell for it, but then he knew that he was not going to get it. If there was any Reptomin hiding in the plants, he would find it and eat it. When I dropped in blood worms he gobbled them faster then I could blink!!! The Bloodworms floated down to the tank floor, and Rocky swam down and ate all the leftovers. I think that it feels like a waterfall bouncing of his head.

Late Afternoon

Rocky has an unusual eating habit. He eats some Reptomin then he swims down to the bottom and slurps up the crumbs then swims up for more. Rocky does not eat Tubifex worms at all.

Team 2 Monday, February 22, 2010

Rocky has a long neck. EM saw Rocky kicking. What was he doing? Rocky snapped at the food very speedily. When we put Tubiflex and Reptomin in the tank, Rocky didn't eat. He ate a hot dog made of Reptomin and Tubiflex and he ate a bit. After that we gave Rocky a Reptomin with a little tubiflex worm on it. We called it a kabob. He ate all of it this time.

Late afternoon

Rocky seems to have a bright pink tongue. EM noticed he has golden eyes.He is almost as big as a computer mouse. Rocky has an unusual eating habit. He eats some Reptomin then he swims down to the bottom and slurps up the crumbs. Then he swims up for more. Rocky does not eat Tubiflex worms at all.

Team 1 Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

First Shift
In the morning I fed rocky eleven Reptomin. He gobbled them up in seconds. Then I fed Rocky a cube of bloodworms. Then I gave him one cube of Brine shrimp. He enjoyed that a lot, and ate it in seconds. I have noticed that he's been eating almost everything. It's been a crazy week and now Rocky is celebrating with a feast of bloodworms, eating, playing and the celebration of laziness.

Second shift

Hey, tl and Rocky here! This afternoon after our recess, I fed Rocky. He was like, 'Thanks. It's been along time since someone fed me.' I smiled when Rocky made me jump when I brought two pieces of Reptomin over to the right-hand corner. Reptomin is Rocky's favorite food ( not bloodworm, peoples! That's his second favorite food!) I fed him seven more Reptomin, they went Poof! Gone like magic, Rocky ate it again very fast. Rocky looked at me. If he could talk, he would say, "'More please!'" I gave him another. And another. Then I ran over to the fridge ( Just Kidding! I walked.) And opened the door. I got out the blood worms and cut the others off of that one.( They are connected by wrapper.) I went over to Rocky and he went to the bloodworm immediately. Then in a flash, it was gone. He opened his mouth. Some bubbles came out! I still wonder about that, though. Maybe it was his way of saying thank you.

Third shift

Rocky ate 14 Reptomin. They floated towards Rocky and he gobbled them up. Next Rocky swam to the corner of the tank as usual. There was some Reptomin outside of the tank. He was snapping at it, so I fed Rocky 8 more. He swam to the Reptomin and then devoured them in seconds!!! Then went back to the corner.

Fourth Shift

Before recess rocky ate 9 reptomin. It was so cool!! It was cool because he ate the Reptomin at the same time. After recess I fed him 7 more Reptomin. Rocky didn't eat anything!!! I watched and watched and watched but nothing happened. And then he looked at the old old blood worms. He gobbled them up like a dinosaur.

Team 5 Thursday, February 25, 2010

2/25/ 10 Team 5

During the morning Rocky ate 21 Reptomin and a cube of dry brine shrimp! I put a Reptomin outside of the glass and he went crazy probably because he was hungry!

During the late morning Rocky ate 5 Reptomin,1 cube of Frozen Brine Shrimp, and 1 cube of frozen Mosquito Larva! He ate the scraps of the blood worms off the floor between two rocks!

During the late afternoon Rocky ate 23 Reptomin, 3 aquatic turtle food, and 3 dry Tuboflex worm cubes! That is very strange for him!

Team 4 Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Feb 24, 2010

In the morning, J fed Rocky 13 Reptomin he gobbled them so fast that I couldn't believe my eyes. Then we fed Rocky 3 Growth Formula pellets and he ate those in a flash. After that we fed him 3 more, he drained those 3 in his mouth. How does he do that so fast? That is 16 Reptomin in all. Then we fed Rocky Tubifex worms but he ignored it. That's weird. Rocky ate a lot in the morning. I am very surprised.

At 10:00 we saw a little brown pellet that like Guinea pig poop. "Guess he pooped" We all said at once. I picked up the Poop with the net and threw it away. After that we continued with our regular routine by feeding Rocky a Reptomin. He ate it before I could blink, so I fed him another. After about 4 Reptomin he was full. Probably because he already ate 16 Reptomin and 3 Growth Formula pellets in the morning. So now he's eaten 20 Reptomin and 3 Growth Formula pellets

In the afternoon James and N and me fed him 3 Repto-min , Rocky just stood there ignoring one. Then he gobbled all the rest of them in a flash. I have never seen him eat so fast in my life .

We fed Rocky 1 Reptomin in the late afternoon splash! Rocky sat as still as a statue. N tried to feed Rocky 1 more Reptomin but Rocky just ran away from it. Then we had to take the Reptomin out of Rocky's tank. There wasn't anything cool about the late afternoon.

I hope you liked our entry!

Team 3 Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Morning Shift

When my team got to school I fed Rocky 5-10 Reptomin. Every time I fed him, he would stick his head up. Rocky always ate the Reptomin whole. He surprised me really good because he usually eats the Reptomin piece by piece. Rocky bit fake Rocky's foot. (Fake Rocky is our stone turtle statue.) He went to the bathroom for the first time on our shift.

Late Morning Shift

Rocky looked bigger than usual when I got in school. He has a longer tail now. He gobbled up the Reptomin like a monster. Rocky doesn't eat a lot of of blood worms now. I fed Rocky 15 Reptomin and one cube of dried worms.
Afternoon Shift (note to self- add Reptomin Outside Tank Video here)

Reptomin is Rocky's favorite food. Watch our video of Rocky trying to bite the Reptomin when it is outside of the tank. Rocky is not hungry today; he only ate 2 Reptomin. He didn't chomp at them very fast like he usually does. Then he fell asleep somehow. Today, I noticed that he loves to stick his head up, he does it all day. He bit fake Rocky's head. It was pretty cool. In the late afternoon I fed rocky about 15 or 20 Reptomin rocky must really like to stick his head up. He was doing it like every second.

Late Afternoon Shift

Rocky gobbled up his Reptomin like ... Frankenstein it was almost scary!!! But then it would pop out. Sometimes he keeps it in his mouth so it looks like a bone. Then Rocky snaps at it again like a crab and it disappeared.