Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 3 Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rocky ate around 20 Reptomins for me in the morning. Then he ate 6 Reptomin for my classmate and 20 more for another classmate. He always sits in a corner when we get to school. Rocky ate 200 Reptomin today. That's really all he did for me.

Today Rocky ate around 101 Reptomin. He ate eating much more : ) Rocky must have a new diet. It's kind of strange because we didn't have vacation. But it is probibly only going to last one week so next week he will just eat about 3 Reptomin.

In the morning, we fed Rocky 10 Reptomin and I fed him a tuboflex worm cube. Then I fed Rocky 2 more Reptomin. He looked at each one and then ate one whole and devouerd the other. When we were going to music, PW dropped 4 handfulls of Reptomin in to the tank and Rocky used them as a pillow. :( When we came back from music, none were left. :) Then Rocky fell asleep somehow and we woke him up with Reptomin. Rocky looked at us as if he were saying "You meanies disturbed me from my sleep! Let me rest!" Then Rocky ate 20 more Reptomin and he was HAPPY!! Rocky does poop a lot also now. Rocky is a growing turtle and we have had him since september.

Rocky is allot bigger now than usual. Rocky ate 101 retomin on a half day, no lie!! He ate the reptomin like a dinosaur. He loves retomin allot he just loves it. He stood in one spot to eat almost every thing. That was really amazing to me but maybe not to you. So I fed rocky around 35 more or so. This time we didn't feed Rocky any cubes.Wait, I remember. Rocky ate one cube. Rocky also bit the plant pretty hard because it shook allot and it has a dent in it. Well it is almost the end of my blog but rocky didn't sit on the heater like usual when we are turtle team.So if you think Rocky looks like dinosaur well your kind of right because he is pretty big now. He's almost as big as a plant!