Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 4 Monday, April 12, 2010

In the afternoon I showed Rocky a Reptomin. He ignored the Reptomin so I moved it closer. Rocky didn't bite, so I slowly pulled the Reptomin away, when. . .SNAP. Rocky bit the Reptomin!!
I gave him another and another. He ate one every single second.
After Rocky ate 13 Reptomin, I gave him a blood worm cube.
Here's what he did, first he stood his head up and stared at the bloodworm.
Then he stood still, waiting for it to get closer. Next Rocky took a deep, sharp SNAP, CHOMP, GOLP and in seconds those bloodworms were just a memory. So I fed Rocky 5 more bloodworm cubes.

Team 3 Friday, April 9, 2010

Rocky ate 208 Reptomin and a small worm. When we dropped it in it fell in his mouth just like a vacuum. He sucked the Reptomin off the wall sucksucksucksuck, it was alot of sucking all right. Rocky did one of our best records. I fed Rocky 22 cubes, our best record for cubes. Rocky attacked the Reptomin like a crazed Cookie Monster, he was just waiting for us to drop Reptomin in the tank. He ripped, tore, snapped a bit, and destroyed. Rocky got three cubes stuck on his hand when I was feeding him but not all at the same time. Rocky barely moves now.

Team 2 Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Open. Chomp. Open. Chomp, and eat, eat, eat. All Rocky is doing for me is eating Reptomin. I sped over to the freezer and grabbed the bloodworms, opened it, ran back, and plopped in the bloodworms. In at least 2 seconds he grabbed it and gobbled it up. I gulped, and thought; Wow, he ate that fast.

Team 1 Friday, April 2, 2010

In the morning I fed Rocky 34 Reptomin. He also ate 2 cubes of bloodworms. I ran to the freezer to cut some more bloodworms. He ate that too! I have noticed that Rocky has been eating more bloodworms than last week. He also ate two cubes of veggie cubes . Does Rocky feel full at all?

SNAP there goes a Reptomin. So far Rocky has eaten 50 Reptomin. When I gave him a piece of Reptomin he stuck his head up he was like a suction cup eating Reptomin. I never knew Rocky sticks his head up. I fed Rocky 1 veggie cube. He's been eating a lot of them over the weekend. A little later Rocky had been put in a mini tank because we fed him a guppy. At first Rocky was sooo scared of the guppy. 'Scaredy cat' I thought. But then the guppy was scared of him. SNAP!!! He was like a crane digging up guppies He was close but he missed. Hopefully he ate it a little later. He ate the guppy. After that we put him in his normal tank. He kept sticking his head up it was sooo weird? He never does that? When Rocky did it his head was like a rocket about to explode. A little later I looked away for a second and turned back, he wasn't were he was before. It feels like Rocky is as fast as lightning. First he's here and then he's in a different place in the tank.

Team 5 Thursday, April 1, 2010

During the morning Rocky ate 200 Reptomin! Thats a lot for him! Rocky ate 6 grubs and 3 worms!

During the afternoon Rocky ate 200 Reptomin and two grubs! I dropped a grub from the tweasers. It landed in his mouth while he was breathing. It was like trying to throw popcorn up and catching it in your mouth. First he spit it out and then he ate it. Thats the most he's ever eaten.

During late afternoon Rocky ate 110 Reptomin!