Today We Saw ... (May 27)

a mother snapping turtle laying eggs. See the after pictures on the side bar. More photos coming soon.

Team 1 Friday, March 19, 2010

Second shift

This morning, or should I say early morning, Rocky didn't eat anything. Nothing. Zilch. A big, fat zero. Here's how it all started. "Rocky! Eat something!" I said. "You can't blame him," ZSA said. "You are forcing him like a mom forcing her kid to eat Brussels sprouts." I shuddered at the thought of Brussels sprouts, but turned cold as ice. "This ain't Brussels sprouts," I whispered coldly. "It's Reptomin, his favorite food." LURCH! SNAP! SNAP! "Finally!" I was relived. I thought, And I thought that Rocky was going to starve! I would be right and wrong, but anyways, I should think not of Rocky starving! He's already growing, and we are overfeeding him. He is still as cute where we found him though, My thoughts trailed off. While I was thinking, I fed Rocky Reptomin. What snapped me out of my thoughts is that I heard something scrapings on the glass! It was very faint. Like a cat purring 5-ft away. "Oh Rocky! Stop doing that to the glass!" And he obeyed. Oh! We have to go to morning meeting! Bye!

Third shift

I fed rocky 18 reptomin to at a time snap snap snap. Rocky got them all !!! next i gave rocky a blood worm cube. Rocky snapped he got some. He snapped again he got some more.Then in one more snap he got the rest!!! Then sat down stuck his head up then back down.

Fourth shift

Today I fed rocky 10 Reptomin 2 bloodworms now he's like a monsterous machine just eating like 12 pieces a second CHOMP, chomp, chomp. A few minutes later I think Rocky ate 4 bloodworms. If he didn't, he ate one veggie cube. I was amazed because he never eats them. A long time after that, Rocky finally he ate a WORM!!!. Rocky always SNAPS at my finger.